Should I Stay or Should I Go?



Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Adrian N. Ortiz, M.D.



Oh, shit- this can’t be happening right now. Is this some kind of cruel joke? Are they doing another one of their worthless training scenarios? I jumped from my seat in the brigade headquarters tactical operations center (TOC) where I spend most of my days. I slow jogged, fast-walked, over to the center of the action trying to appear calm, cool and collected.

“So what’s up?” I asked the operations officer.

“It’s a fallen angel, Sir! We — we have a downed helicopter, and it — it doesn’t look good. We have to spin up the brigade’s quick reaction force (QRF),” he replied.

“Roger that- let’s do it. Does the commander know?” The room becomes a nest of organized chaos, as everyone and anyone in our combat brigade headquarters start gibbering and jabbering in their little nooks as they focus on their part of the madness. Details are coming in all at once. A two-man attack helicopter disappeared while on a routine reconnaissance mission. ———————————————-to continue reading this fantastic nonfiction short story please find it on Amazon Kindle—————-

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